Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Talk to Gio (Games That Is)

For those of you interested in lighter wargames, I want to point you to a source that you may not have heard of: Gio Games in Italy. They currently offer three games, all of which I'd categorize as Euro/Wargame hybrids in the style of Memoir '44 or BattleCry:

- War to Axis, a WWII in Normandy game. Units are infantry battalions, and armor and support companies. If you're looking for a game similar in difficulty to Memoir '44 but a little more realistic, this game may be for you.
- Yankees & Rebels, an American Civil War game. Units are divisions. Gettysburg is the primary battle covered, but they provide units and terrain tiles to do other battles. Only 2 pages of rules.
- Vive l'Empereur, a Napoleonic game. Just recently back in print. Only 4 pages of rules.

The rules, in either Italian or English, are online at the Gio Games web site, so you can check them out and see if they suit.

In the past, I've bought my Gio Games from Boulder Games online store. However, they recently told me that they weren't going to be stocking the newly reissued Vive l'Empereur. However, Noble Knight Games is stocking it.

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