Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boring Wargames Tasks

Is I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of Avalanche Press's World War II game, Panzer Grenadier. At the time of this writing, I own 7 of their full-sized games: Battle of the Bulge, Beyond Normandy, Afrika Korps, Desert Rats, Elsenborn Ridge, Road to Berlin, and East Front Deluxe.

Now to the boring part: rather than storing the games in an endless series of boxes, I'm attempting to combine them all. So, far, I've been able to store all the maps, rules, and scenarios in one large box, and I'm working on storing the counters in another large box. For counter storage, I'm using Chessex's 16 compartment counter trays. For some days now, I've been sorting through all my PG counters and combining them into trays by nationality.

I still have some more to do, but eventually, I should have a well organized PG set which is easy to carry and set up. See, told you it was boring...

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  1. I have begun to do this with some of my series games. The main one being Combat Commander. I have all of the games and battle packs in one box, all of the cards sleeved and in a long collectible card cardboard box and all of the rules, maps and aids in a binder. I still have three things to carry, but it makes it a bit easier to fit into a backpack or something.