Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Benefit from RPGNow

RPGNow is holding a "Gamers Help Haiti" fund drive, giving money to the Doctors Without Borders organization to help with earthquake relief efforts. As a thank you gift for a $20 donation, they let you download about $1500 worth of RPG PDFs. There is a mix of things in the bundle: full RPG's (including the Serenity RPG), modules, character development supplements, world settings, the works. Even if you don't play RPGs, there are some "dungeon crawl" and starship deckplans which could be used for skirmish RPG systems. All together, the files add up to just under 3 GB of size! That's a lot for $20 and it goes to a good cause.

Note: as you might expect, there's been a tremendous response to this appeal. The rpgnow servers are straining under the load at times. So, if you donate, please be patient downloading your stuff.

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