Monday, January 18, 2010

Putting on my editing hat

A few years ago, I did some editing for the miniature wargaming system (Division Commander). I recently got asked to proofread the new edition of Arcane Warfare Excel, a set of big-battle ancient/medieval period rules from "Jerboa" in Portugal. I sent him one set of edits already, and he's just today sent a new version for me to check out. Seize the Red Pen.

My first experience with Jerboa's games was Ancient Battle Composer, a set of miniatures rules which I'd label "rationalized DBA"--that is, De Bellis Antiquitatis but with lots of examples of play and much easier to read rules. For those who don't follow miniature wargaming, the author Phil Barker is known for terse sentences that are often referred to as "Barkerese". I remember some tournament players decades ago who were literally arguing over the placement of a comma in his 7th Edition ancients warfare rules and how that affected the situation. Sigh.

Here's a quote from Jerboa's website. How's this for a quote from a casual wargamer:

"We seek for fast play,
We seek for historical verisimilitude,
We seek for technical perfection,
That's Arcane Warfare."

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