Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tale of Two Trays

There are two readily-available counter tray vendors. The dimensions given are the top of each compartments; the bottoms of each compartment are slightly smaller.

- Chessex makes trays with 16 compartments each with dimensions approximately 2.5" x 1.5". This tray is hinged. It will lay flat with some bending, but you might want to consider cutting the hinge apart. The overall dimensions are 7.75" by just under 11". There is room for two 5/8" side by side. I'd suggest using Chessex trays with 5/8" counters; about 6 will fit per layer at the bottom of each compartment.

- GMT makes trays with 20 compartments each with dimensions approximately 1 3/8" x 2.25". The entire tray is 8.5"x11". This tray has no hinge. There is room for two 1/2" counters side by side, but not enough for two 5/8" counters. (The bottom of the trays are just over 1" wide, so two 5/8" counters don't fit.) The GMT tray is also a great solution for the 1" counters from Conflict of Heroes--two 1" counters fit longways.


  1. I am torn between which tray I like better. I like the look of the Chessex trays, but I like the storage capacity of the GMT trays. I just wish both of them were cheaper!

  2. 2 bucks a tray isnt bad. Its the shipping. I buy GMT 12 at a time.
    Thoughthammer sells for $3 a tray individually

    Or 10 for $18 from GMT